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By submitting the order form or using our services, the customer agrees to the following:

  • Our promise is to handle all of your items with the utmost care, however, we are not responsible for changes such as fading and minor shrinking that can occur during the normal laundry process. 
  • Pura Vida Laundry Services is not responsible for damage done as part of the normal cleaning process such as buttons falling off. 
  • Pura Vida Laundry Services is not responsible for damage to garments caused by items left in the pockets.  We will check the pockets and return any items found, but should something get missed, the customer is ultimately responsible for damage caused by items left in pockets. 
  • Pura Vida Laundry Services is not responsible for non-washable or dry clean only items that were inadvertently left in the bulk laundry.  We will launder all items included in the laundry as washable.
  • While bulk laundry inventory sheets are not required, we encourage you to complete these and place with your bulk laundry order.  This assists us in resolving discrepancies prior to processing.
  • Missed pick ups will be charged the $10 service fee.
  • Pura Vida partners with Intuit for invoicing and collections, and any information we gather is subject to Intuit's Privacy Policy.  Please take a moment to review.​
  • Reocurring schedule one time discount:  20% discount and bag fees are reassessed if service gets cancelled after one pickup.  Reoccurrence must be at least weekly to qualify for discount.
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Pura Vida Laundry Services

Pura Vida Laundry is Atlanta's leader for commercial and residential laundry services. Trusted by many customers across Atlanta from residences to hotels to gyms to colleges, Pura Vida boasts a wide coverage area to fit your laundry needs.

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