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Life is busy, why should you spend all your time doing laundry and making trips to the dry cleaner?  Pura Vida Laundry Services provides laundry and dry cleaning pick up across Atlanta so you can focus on family, work or other priorities.  Our residential laundry service includes wash, dry and fold, dry cleaning, and specialty items. Here's how it works:

1) Laundry / Dry Cleaning Pick up request Online or Give us a Call

You can schedule your wash, dry and fold pick up online by clicking on the Schedule a Pick Up button.  We'll call you right away to discuss your laundry and dry cleaning needs.  Just want to talk to a human?  We understand. Give us a call, and we'll make it happen right away > 404-458-1211. If you need a one-time service or regular service, we'll set a schedule that fits your needs.

2) Prepare the laundry for pick-up

First timers usually bag up their dirty laundry in garbage bags and clearly mark them "Pick up for Pura Vida", while taking care to separate the dry cleaning in a separate bag.  We provide large, nylon bags after the first pickup for your convenience.  Once cleaned, we bag the items in our plastic bags to protect the laundered items and place the material in the large, nylon bags.  Dry cleaning will remain hung and protected in our dry clean bags.  We will establish a pick up and drop off location so that your laundry is secure.  Bags are always free for recurring customers.

3) We'll wash and fold or dry clean your laundry per your specifications

4) We'll deliver it back to you upon your set schedule



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Pura Vida Laundry is Atlanta's leader for commercial and residential laundry services and dry cleaning. Trusted by many customers across Atlanta from residences to hotels to gyms to colleges, Pura Vida boasts a wide coverage area to fit your laundry and dry cleaning needs.

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