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Hotels produce significant volumes of dirty linens, towels and robes that need to be laundered after each stay.  Customers at hotels want to sleep comfortably and clean.  The hotel industry has optimized occupancy rates and is focused on profit maximization, and most hotels find the daily turn of the laundry to be a distraction from the core hospitality and customer engagement business.   In addition, commercial washers and dryers can be a significant capital expense that takes resources away from site improvements and space that could be used for revenue generation. 

Worry not, Pura Vida is here to help you reallocate time and resources to your customers.  We offer competitive rates and understand the quick turnarounds you need to keep the rooms stocked with clean laundered material.  The laundry service process is simple:

  1. You clean the rooms and gather the soiled material
  2. Bring the material to your loading dock or place where Pura Vida will pick-up the laundry
  3. Pura Vida will take it off-site and launder the material in our industrial machinery.  Our standard products include (but can be modified on request):
    • ​​All-Natural Detergent and Softeners (by request only for bulk jobs)
    • Clorox Bleach or Oxi-Clean (based on your preference)
  4. The linens and towels will be neatly folded and bagged in a protective bag by item type
  5. ​The items are barcoded for chain of custody and scanned throughout the process
  6. Pura Vida will return the clean linens in the agreed upon turnaround (usually 24 or 48 hour SLA)

Pura Vida will also provide laundry carts for our recurring customers.  See our "How It Works" page for additional info.  To discuss pricing or setup service, please contact us or schedule a pickup.

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Pura Vida Laundry is Atlanta's leader for commercial and residential laundry services and dry cleaning. Trusted by many customers across Atlanta from residences to hotels to gyms to colleges, Pura Vida boasts a wide coverage area to fit your laundry and dry cleaning needs.

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