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Colleges are a unique customer for us because there exists a dual need for laundry: operations and students.  We have found that most schools can use a laundry service for the administrative needs of the school as well as a service offering for the students.  Pura Vida's offerings in this space include:

Laundry Pick-Up and Delivery - College and School Operations

Higher education facilities are generally sprawling across a large area and they require alot of ground to be covered to ensure the laundry is taken care of.  Whether it is linens for guest dorm rooms, towels for the gym area, tablecloths or any other item that needs laundered, Pura Vida has you covered.  We will pick-up the material from the designated area and bring it back to our off-site facilities to wash, dry and fold.  Let Pura Vida assist you in focusing more on what matters - the students and faculty.

Pick-Up and Delivery - Student Laundry Service Program

Pura Vida started by servicing many college students at their dorm for laundry pick-up and delivery.  Due to demand from parents, we invented the "Student Laundry Program".  This program allows students to focus more on their education and less on the task of doing the laundry.  Laundry can take significant time away from their campus experience, and Pura Vida has the solution.  Here's how it works:

  1. We will place laundry containers and barcodes rolls around campus for students to drop their laundry in.  the container can be branded to the college if desired.
  2. Students bag their laundry, apply the barcode to the bag and drop it in the container.
  3. Students will go online and register their barcode.
  4. Pura Vida picks up the clothes on a set schedule
  5. Pura Vida will take it off-site and launder the material in our industrial machinery.  Our standard products include (but can be modified at your request):
    • ​​All-Natural Detergent and Softeners (by request only for bulk jobs)
      Clorox Bleach or Oxi-Clean (based on your preference)​

  6. Pura Vida will return the laundry to a locker that we stage on campus with a lock code that is text or emailed to the student
  7. Your students continue to focus on learning

See our "How It Works" page for additional info.  To discuss pricing or setup service, please contact us or schedule a pickup.

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